Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two From The Museum.

The boys and I took a field-trip to the Children's Museum. I may have been just a wee bit nervous to take on this challenge by all by myself after you know when, but I went for it with confidence that it would be great and we would have a blast. Well gosh darn it, that is just what we had, a blast! The boys and I were among only a few other families and there were no groups that particular day...hallelujah! 

Well, it's late and I just want to document two things about this experience. 

1. While in the little town room, Jack hopped into the doghouse to check out the big, fluffy dog. This two second moment brought me back to when he was just 18 months old and doing the same exact thing.

 Sniffle :(

2. The boys painted (drew on their faces with crayons) their faces as the very last thing we did before we hit up McD's for some lunch. Jack was very serious about what he was creating. He looked very intently into the mirror and did not talk until his masterpiece was complete.

Later on that night, the boys got their hair cut. Jack was very concerned that when the hair stylist washed his hair that his facial masterpiece would be gone (he really wanted to show his Daddy), so he requested a towel.

High maintenance....no just cautious.

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Anne Wallisch said...

I just love these two...........such adventures you have every day! Makes me smile and giggle with delight!
These days will become such precious memories.