Thursday, June 2, 2011


My O is getting to be a big boy (I know, I know I say this all the time), but he is and it's hard to believe sometimes. As we get ourselves settled into our house, one of my "to-do's" has been to make O's room into a big boy room. We chose not set-up his crib (b/c he crawls out anyway), but rather have him sleep in the pack n' play, get his new bed all ready for him and have this transition from crib to bed to a slow one. It actually has been working out great until Jack taught him how to crawl out of the pack n' play two days ago. In the meantime, we have been doing little projects in his room to cozy and cute it up big boy style.

One of these projects was to redo the storage of books as his library is increasing by the day (we love to read in this it). In the move-in process, this bookshelf was put into his room and stacked with books.  This is a special bookshelf as Pat made it last summer, however it was taking up too much space (valuable real-estate) in his room.

There are a ton of cute ideas out there on fun, diy ideas for creating book storage instead of the plain ole' bookshelf.

 and one more..

Here's the catch, I didn't use any of those, but only in an effort to save time (I hope to make something like the aboves for J's room when we are a little more settled). I had these Ikea Ribba shelves in my stash as I was going to use them for a gallery wall somewhere in my house. Well, I changed my my mind and I thought they would be perfect for creating a bookshelf wall for Owen.

And this is just what we did...

When I look at this bookshelf wall it makes me happy, it make me smile and it looks like artwork on the wall. I love!

Also, with O's little chair and a lamp it can be his reading corner, which is nicely modeled here by Max.

It feels so great to have a "to-do" checked off our list and our O is one step closer to have a completed big boy room!


Anne Wallisch said...

OMG.............I love it! He can see what books he has and pick out the ones he wants a little easier!
Books, books, books, he loves them!


Jane said...

that is great! Love that he has a Tangled book. :)

Elaine said...

I love this and have just highlighted it as inspiration today on my blog :). Thanks!