Monday, June 20, 2011

Show me your muscles!?

And that is just what Jackers did....

 while on a "beach break" to play and swim in the water of the St. Croix River. We went for a boat ride yesterday and it was super fun!! I can see us wanting to have many more boat rides/boating days this summer!

Two cool dudes waiting to get on the boat! They don't even know how much fun they are going to have! As we were eating dinner that night, both boys told us the boat ride was by far their favorite part of the day.

We even checked a "to-do" off our list!

The water was a smidge cold for all of us except Jackers. He is my brave (brave!) little fish!
Owen kept himself busy exploring the river and shoreline for rocks to skip (& so did his Daddy) while I dipped my toes in the water (I'm such a wimp) and took a lot of pictures.

O also played with "Gama"!

Driving the boat and driving it fast was exactly what the boys loved!

And maybe a little snuggling too...

 Mom..thank you for a great afternoon!!

Jack, show Mommy your muscles!?
 Man, he cracks me up!! That middle picture has me rolling in laughter! It's definitely going to be a staple in Jack's future...I can just see it at his high school graduation! Ha!

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Anne Wallisch said...

This is such a wonderful summer memory with many more to come on those hot, muggy evenings! St Croix River - here we come!