Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weather, water balloons, chalk, sticks, running and climbing. Oh and did I mention a chair refab?

It was absolutely beautiful today....just beautiful!
With the sun shining and the temperature at roughly 70 degrees, it was a must that we spend our day outside. So, after school, music class, a few errands, and a long drive back to WI (due to a bridge being out of commission from flooding..grrrr!) that is just what we did.

We made water balloons.
Too soon? I think not.

We covered (the already covered) the driveway with chalk drawings.
Jack also wrote out the alphabet while I sang it to him.
This made for one proud Momma and one proud little boy.

 I observed Jack turn various sticks into guns.
I tried for so long to keep him away from anything (anything) that even remotely 
resembled a g-u-n (yes, I would even spell the word rather than say it). But, you know what? 
I learned the pairing of boys and guns is inevitable and their ain't noth'n this Momma is gonna do about it.

 Jack and I chased this boy all.over.the.place.
Owen has officially learned the game of chase and he is loving it.
We all laugh and laugh watching this boy run all over with no concept or awareness of where he's actually running. Except when he runs out into the road...not funny. He was steps away from running out into the main street of my Mom's small town this afternoon, when I caught the back of his shirt.
I guess we need to stop laughing.

Jack is learning to climb trees. 
He is perfecting this new skill by practicing on the thirty year-old Willow tree in my Mom's backyard. I too climbed this same tree when I was a young girl, which makes watching him learn extra sweet.
Advice: Crocs are not the appropriate tree climbing footwear.

Oh yes and a chair refab (refabulous).
I bought this chair at the local Habitat For Humanity Restore a few weeks back when my Vitamin D levels were probably at their lowest. With the spring months approaching, but the snow and cold still lingering (and living in limbo, two kids, three dogs, one husband and lots o'crap everywhere), I think I was starting to feel 'down in the dumps', actually I know I was. I need something to do, I needed something to create, I needed a project and I needed something to drag my butt outside (despite the cold air, rain and snow).

Anywho, when I saw this chair I felt inspired and for $20 I got excited.
I am pretty sure at Restores you can negotiate a price on everything, but I haven't figured out a way to do that without feeling bad. Maybe next time.

So, I took the chair all apart and was it G-ross!

After sanding and priming the chair (priming only because I was sick of sanding), I gave it a few good coats of Valspar Hotel Churchill White. This process made all the neighbor kids (the girls) flock to see what the heck I was doing and why I was doing it and could they watch and could they help.
Girls are so different than boys :)

After completely taking apart the seat cushion and redoing it with new supplies, I added this pretty fabric I found at JoAnn's. I am not sure what drew me to this specific fabric other than I thought it was pretty and girlie (and I need me some girlie every now and then).

 I have no idea where this will go or if it will even match anything in my new house.
But, I like it and it's pretty, right?
Next up, I am going to sew a pillow to match using this tutorial.

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Michelle said...

I, too, tried really hard to keep the guns away, but somehow little boys are drawn to them. . . LOVE the chair!