Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011 involved...

A trip to Green Bay to spend the holiday with Cousins, Aunt, Uncle and Grandparents.

 Jack slept with his cousins (sans us) both nights and did great

He also had his first ride on a four-wheeler of which he reported back that he "needed to duck for branches" and he "went through puddles". That is all I got and that is all I ever get. Short, random descriptions of the daily and/or exciting happenings in his life. Will it get better when he is sixteen? 
I know not, but I can hope.

I digress

My favorite moment: Listening to Lauren (age 6-new reader) read Jack bedtime stories. It just warmed my heart listening to my niece sound out the words in the story of Little Mermaid while Jack listened patiently (ever so patiently). He never made a peep, a sigh or a fidget as she read the book. 
I think he was in awe of her reading because "you know Mommy, Lauren goes to school!"

Owen got a "Buzz Lightyeaa" bike from the Easter Bunny. He was impressed! However, so was Jack who now thinks Owen's bike is better then his own and he continues to find reasons he is unable to ride his. For example, "GiGi's driveway is too small for my bike" and "I'd much rather run all the way to the park".  Hmmm.

Dressing my boys up in their Easter outfits made me smile. Jack was called "handsome" by his cousins (first time) and that made him smile as well. When I asked to him to change into his play clothes after church, he responded with, "No Mommy I can't, everybody likes me in these clothes".

The kids all watched Pete's Dragon one night and Jack smiled through the whole movie. 
Note to self: Buy Pete's Dragon.

This is where Owen preferred to be the entire two days, between Twinkle (Ellie) and Annie.
He told me on the way home, "Momma, I love them sooo much".
All the girls are just so sweet to Owen and Jack. They are special girls and I have two very lucky boys.

Another precious moment was listening to Twinkle (9 years-old) try to describe to her Mom, Grandma and I what the role of the Easter Bunny really is. The whole thing was very complicated, but what I took away from our discussion is that this sweet girl still believes deep down in her heart that their is a true Easter Bunny even though her classmates are probably telling her otherwise.

This is the best family picture I could get! 
Not together, squinty eyes, and a missing a kid?!?!

Owen's not much into posing for pictures these days.
He's two and currently marches to the beat of his own drum.
All I can say is that we're working on it and he's cute so we're patient.

In an attempt for a great and memorable photo op of the grandparents with their five grandchildren 
(my father-in-law said, "you know your old when your asked to sit down for pictures"...I laugh again typing that), these were the best two out of about 10 frames. Notice that one is the traditional Myers Family silly face photo and the other, both my boys are looking down. 
Double sigh.

Oh well, seeing that little bum finding his Easter goodies hiding under the dining room table makes me happy. 

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