Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This has been a request of Owen for the past couple of weeks. What he is actually requesting is to watch Katy Perry's music video, Firework on YouTube. He is slightly obsessed. He knows Jack likes to watch it, so (I think) he is just following his lead. Jack tells me, "Mommy, I like when the fireworks come out of her shirt!" So this must be what Owen likes too. The both of them got a little crazy asking for it a lot, so I tried showing them videos of just fireworks. But, it just was not the same as they like to sing along with Katy.  Good thing Firework is an uplifting song about being your true self.

Other kids like to watch YouTube videos of volcanoes or trains, but not my kids (at least, not yet), they like to watch Katy Perry and Glee.

They are also big fans of...

(the PGer version of that other song)

(cause their Momma is a Blake fan!)
And this one for sure.

Hey, it makes prepping lunch faster, easier and headache free.

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