Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good times and the not so good times.

This is my sweet, lovable, affectionate and funny O.

He is constantly giving out kisses and hugs. He grabs my cheeks with both of his chubby, sticky little hands and says, "Momma, kiss?" And when he hugs me, I can faintly hear him saying, "ohhhhhh" as he nuzzles into me. He is my baby bird, always following me around the house, wanting to do/see what I am doing, or eat what I am eating. If we laugh out loud at something random, Owen will laugh out loud too (even though he has no idea what he's laughing at) with the most adorable chuckle. Oh and if he figures out a way to make Jack laugh, then it gets nutty around here with the two of them giggling, wrestling and chasing each other.

The good times!
(and a few of the many reasons I love being a mother...Owen's mother)

He can change in an instant..in a millisecond...poof-right before your eyes into a wanna-be four-year old. He says, "me too..me too..me too" or "self..self...self" or "mine..mine..mine".And when this is not met with a "yes...sure...okay...whatever you want", it gets ugly around here people. Tantrum, screaming, crying ugly! He wants so badly to do everything he sees Jack (and us) doing. He screams so loud, like some sort of ancient bird or maybe a Velociraptor...its ear-piercing.

These are not so good times...
(but, I'm still glad I'm a mother...Owen's mother, even if some days I am counting down the minutes until bedtime.)

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