Sunday, February 6, 2011


1. Pat came home to be with us.

2. We had a house showing and we parked our car around the corner to stalk the potential buyers (well, it was just about nap time for O, so we didn't want to be far from home) They were only here for eight minutes, we haven't heard anything and so we conclude, 'another one bites the dust'. 

3. Jack has two new friends, who happen to be a shark and a dolphin. The shark's name is Sharky-Darky and the dolphin's name is Tortoise. He talked about them all through breakfast yesterday morning.

4. Owen no longer needs his crib. He has gotten himself out of the crib in the morning and after naps for the past three days. But... I am not ready for him to no longer need his crib. Oh boy!

5. Pat and I went on a date last night. We had dinner together (just the two of us) and we actually had a conversation for well over an hour. It was wonderful. After dinner, we saw the movie True Grit...we both thought it was a really good movie...excellent acting. 

6. Jack and I had some alone time yesterday. During a quiet moment, I brought up the whole topic of moving. I talked to him about changing preschools, not living in this house anymore, getting a new room, making new friends, being closer to grandmas and grandpa, etc. He seemed interested in what I was saying, so then I asked him, "Jack, do you have any questions about all of this or anything you would like to know?" He looked at me all serious and said, "Yes mommy, I have a question....where does potty come from?" WaaaWaaaWaaaaaa....that went well.

7. We are watching the Super Bowl in our pajamas and the boys are sound asleep in their beds. In my opinion, the Black-Eyed Peas half-time show was the best one I have seen... since this one.

8. Glee.

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Anne Wallisch said...

I love this family............HHKK