Friday, February 11, 2011

The Valentine's Bandwagon.

We jumped on it with both feet (or all 6) this year. There are just too many too cute ideas floating around out there on the blogosphere. I couldn't resist. Especially now that my boys are at the ages where decorating, discussing, crafting, and celebrating holidays is great fun. And I may a little more time on hands than usual.

The Cards.
I thought it would be real sweet if Jack brought cards to all his friends at school. The specific card idea, I have seen everywhere (blog everywhere). I love it and so I had to try it for Jack's first go at putting a Valentine in each of his friends cubbies at school. Oh the days!

I love how it turned does he kinda.
This Idea and This Idea and These Ideas are equally, if not even more cute!

And if I was making a card of Jack...I most definitely needed to make a card for O (for the grandmas!). However, there is no way (we tried) he would hold that arm pose. So, we punted and he held my lens cap instead...very Valentines. I then jazzed up his pic with hearts on picnik.

The Decorations.
I came across crayon hearts here and here. I instantly thought it would be a good project for Jack and I to do together while O is napping. Although it was an easy project for Jack, he enjoyed hanging the hearts on our chandelier most (while I did the actual project). It turns out that shaving down the crayons with a pencil sharpener is a lot of work. Anyway, I like that these hearts are something we can keep forever and add to each year. Memories :)

More Decorations.

Both these ideas, I found here and here.
And again...I love them.

I'm not sure I like the black frames, but its what I I went with it.


The boys and I had movie night recently, we watched Alpha and Omega and munched on this yumminess. I usually am not into white chocolate, but this was so good, I actually think I ate the whole batch with a little help from Owen.

Now, I have not made this pie, but gosh darnit, When Pat and I go out dinner, if there is a warm cookie with ice cream on the dessert menu...we will be ordering it. You too Keefe, right?! Well, my friends, here is Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie. Uh, I'm dying it looks so delicious.

One more thing....
How many more days till Spring? Cause I'm getting my house ready.

Happy Weekend!

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