Monday, January 10, 2011


Happy Birthday O!
How did my baby become a two year-old so quickly?! These past two years have been so fun and wonderful and amazing and fun watching you grow.You are truly coming into your own and showing all of us (including your big brother) your personality. You understand so much and know more then we even realize you do. 

You have more and more new words everyday. For example, you are in love with the Toy Story characters and were always calling both Buzz and Woody...Buzz. In the last few days, you suddenly started calling Buzz, "Buzz Lightyeea" and the others by their appropriate names. Another cute example, is that at Grandma GiGi's local pool you pointed (with a questioning look on your face) to the water sprouting mushroom thingy that was not on and said, "No Battewees (batteries)?" So cute...I want to bottle this up and keep it forever!

You are yearning to be independent, constantly telling me, "Self", "No, I do it" and "Mine". However, at the end of the day, you still are mommy's boy and you always want mommy to rock you before bed. You try to emulate Jack as you are already requesting to wear "Spidamaaan", you know about all the superheros and you prefer Toy Story and Tarzan over Elmo and Sesame Street. If you are not holding your three lovies, you fill your arms with toys as you always need one in each hand, just like this.
You are my easy-going, sweet, funny and lovable boy.
Owen, we love you so much! Happy Birthday!

*The wand Owen is holding is for The Crayola Glow Station. This is an awesome toy! It is one of our favorite Christmas presents...the boys love it! Thanks Grandma Stevie, you pick out the BEST presents!

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Anne Wallisch said...

Happy Birthday Owen............I still remember ever minute of the day you were lucky was I to be with your Mommy, Daddy and Jack the day you came into this world! I love you.