Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's been snowing,

so we've been...

Putting out bird food.
Because Jack learned about winter birds this week at school.
I think these heart shaped bird-feeders would be fun to make and very fitting for the upcoming  
(pseudo) holiday.

Spraying the snow with blue and green water.
Because this Momma thought it would be neat, however, the boys disagreed. 
They grew bored of it in 5 minutes.
This picture led to a few squirts of blue water right in my eye and in my camera lens. Figures, *sigh*.

Because it's fun.

Eating icicles.

Because it's yummy!

Staying warm and cozy inside, playing with these new pals.
Because they are soft and lovable and Owen's favorites!

Getting this little chap a big boy haircut!
Because it was about time. I think he looks so handsome.
(And I think I can hear my mom saying, "Finally!" through the computer.)

And working on my patience with this lovey.  Breath Nicole, Breath.
  I was informed by our Pediatrician at Jack's 4 year-old well-check that the 4's are known as the Ferocious Fours. What? What happened to Fabulous or Fantastic? Eh, I think it's a little bit of all of those, actually. Some days are Fabulous and some days I need one of these at the end of the day.


Anne Wallisch said...

I love my little guys and miss them terribly, "four" and all~
Owen looks darling in his new haircut~
Also, the birds "cherrios" feeders are very cool.......reminds me to check the feeders in the trees - poor little birdies without food in this cold.

Michelle said...

Love Owen's new do (and dimple of course). Sooo cute!