Friday, January 21, 2011

Works Every Time.

He frequently asks to have his picture taken.
This I love.
He poses for me and smiles so nice.
I love this too.
But, sometimes I want to capture him with his natural Jack Smile and adorable laugh.

But, that is hard to accomplish while I am taking the pictures, too.
So, I need to call in reinforcements aka Daddy.
And what does Daddy do to make Jack smile and laugh?
He makes a variety of farting noises.
Oh yay, that's how we roll around this house. All boys, remember.
Well, this makes Jack erupt into giggles and belly-laughter.
And I capture his natural Jack Smiles and adorable laugh.
Works every time!

1 comment:

Anne Wallisch said...

Those fresh smiles warm my heart everytime. Can't wait to kiss those little faces again!