Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lots O'Art!

I am currently in the process of giving our playroom an organizational makeover. You might be thinking makeover-schmakeover, kids still make it a very messy space by the end of the day. I do agree, but now everything will have its own labeled home so clean up is more effective and I stay just a little more sane. 

Task One: Organize Artwork

With Jackers in school now, we have a lot (a lot) of artwork flowing into our house. It's great and I love it! I love seeing Jack's creative mind at work, finally! Arts and crafts have never been big on Jack's list of to-do's. His top three daily to-do's usually consist of running, jumping off the furniture, and climbing on anything he can. Arts and crafts get an "ehhhh, maybe?" Well, times are a changing around here and this Momma is loving it. 

With all this artwork coming home, I needed a place to display it other than the refrigerator. I found these signs (under my bed, of all places) that I bought years ago and was no longer using.

 I sanded them down.

Hired a painter.

My painter painted them white with a little help from his Momma.

He did a great job when he wasn't being distracted my moths, caterpillars, and grasshoppers.

I distressed the wood and sprayed it with a clear coating spray. 
I then applied the vinyl that I had ordered from Wonderfully Wordy.

Yes, I do realize we need to get working on some art for Owen's side!

 Now the hanger system underneath, I saw this idea somewhere out in blogland, but after searching (and searching) I cannot find or even remember which specific blog I found this idea from.

It's consists of three simple things:
1. wire
2. small screw eyes
3. clothespins
*I bought a kit at Target that contains different types of picture hangers, it included both the wire and small screw eyes.




I love it!

Jack likes looking at his art and he likes talking about 'the history' of each piece.
Makes my little man proud....and me too!

And just cuz...

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Anne Wallisch said...

How clever......... and getting to use what's left around the house too!
How about sponge painting for Owen. He could press and press to his little heart's content!?