Friday, October 15, 2010

Five on Friday.

1. As part of 'Getting My Fall On", I decided I needed a new purse more fitting for the season. I found this cutie at Target recently, but I kept thinking it needed a little somethen-somethen.

Well ladies, then I saw the autumn bloom belt complete with an easy-peasy tutorial.  It was so cute, but I couldn't see myself wearing it as a belt. However, I thought it could be just what I needed for my purse as a pin...the perfect Fall bling (without the actual bling) to my purse.

Yep, perfect! it when my ideas work out just as I want them to!

2.  I truly think that as the mother of two boys, I will be fighting pee on the toilet seat for Seriously?!?!?

3.  Jack had his very first school pictures taken recently. We practiced 'Jack Smiles', bought a new shirt and styled his hair (which he really cannot stand, because "Momma it's all crunchy, I don't like it!"). Hey, I know I may sound a bit mother laughed at me when I told her about this. Whatever....I need to take advantage of this time that I have being able to "style" my Jackers for his school pictures. There will come a time when I will hear "Umm, no way Mom!"

Anyway, they turned out great, so here is a super blurry Blackberry picture to share with you.

4.  The boys and I ventured up to Costco today to load up on groceries. On our way home, we stopped at Passiflora, a small store that I just happened to discover recently. It's located in an old school house and they sell refurbished antique furniture and cute gifts and bobbles (as Pat calls them) or curiosities (as the owner calls them). Oh.My.Gosh. So cute! I will definitely be a returning customer, they may even come to know me by my first name. I bought a blue side table for my family room and this adorable owl hat!

5. This weekend, I think I am going to attempt:
  1. Martha's Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Squares 
     2. To make these super cute pumpkin-spiders.

     3. To sew together a coffee cozy...wouldn't these be awesome Christmas presents.

     4. Make a fun scarecrow (or Scarescrow as Jack calls them.) complete with a pumpkin (or pancake as Owen call them) head with Pat and the boys.

    5. Make myself a ruffled camera strap. I really want one for myself and to be able to make it for myself is even better!

  6. Oh and stock my freezer with applesauce.

Who am I kidding? Sheesh!

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Anne Wallisch said...

Get going girl, you have alot to do!
Love that little hat on Owen.