Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And it came on just like that.

Each of the boys had their last tumbling class for the current session. It was ribbon day... they get up on the podium, accept their ribbon and shout, "Ta-Da"!!

After watching his brother for the past (almost) two years, Owen was finally able to take his first tumbling class. So while Jack was in the big-boy, don't need your Momma anymore class, Owen and I were in his toddler, get out your energy class together.

Owen loves his Ms. Jody. 

A little back story on this tumbling class. 
When we first moved here almost two years ago, Jack was just two and I was very pregnant with Owen. It was the middle of the winter, I didn't know a soul and I needed something to do with my Jackers. Thank goodness for Google because it led me to this gymnastics gym and its tumbling classes. After I had Owen, I took Jack to class with my baby carrier in hand. I was getting O all situated in the carrier when another mom informed me that no babies/no babies in carriers were allowed. Literally, tears welled up in my eyes when she told me this as I was thinking, "Now what am I going to do?".

rambunctious toddler + newborn baby + middle of winter + don't.know.anybody = Emotional Nicole

Anyway, we made it work so we could still take Jack to this class and so I could have interaction with other human beings. We have since had Jack in many classes and he went to there camps this past summer. Looking at these pictures has shown me how far I have come and how far my boys have come and that makes me happy. 

And then after lunch and came on just like that!
The first icky virus of the season hit both boys at the exact same time.

Jack explained it as, "my brain hurts" and "food it hurting my throat" 
Owen had lots of tears and was attached to me for two whole days.

And both boys had high fevers, glossy eyes, and were super lethargic.

"Hold me...hold me...hold me" ~ Owen

My cure for the icky virus is simple.
The boys get into their comfortable clothes, we make "sick beds" on the couch, we have lots of downtime, take naps, watch movies (three to be exact) and eat popsicles.

This worked....48 hours later it has exited our household (hopefully).
One down....who knows how many to go?!?!

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Anne Wallisch said...

Ohhhhh, you remembered the "sick bed" routine - flat 7UP, popsicles and your pillow and blankie on the couch all day, every day - until you were "jumping" on the couch, then I knew you were well again!
Hope all is well............HHKK GiGi