Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Search of '10.

It's that time of year when we start getting our Fall on around here!
You know what that means....pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins.

We headed out this past Sunday for The Myers Family Great Pumpkin Search.
It just happened to be the perfect day for our mission as it was sunny with the right amount of chill in the air. The boys understood our goal (hmm, Jack did) and they were ready to have some fun.

Okay boys, here we go!

Wait Momma, look! What is that over there?
It's big and orange all over?

Yep, just what we came looking for, lots of pumpkins.
No mommy, not pumpkins.....that man all dressed in orange.

That's Gene The Pumpkin Man, of course!
We visited him last year.
Isn't that orange get-up just a bit blinding?
But yes, it is festive.

After we gathered up all of our pumpkins and gourds, we worked our way towards Gene to pay for them. Jack was the keeper of the pumpkin-filled wagon the entire time. As we got closer to Gene, Pat told Jack to make him an offer he couldn't refuse. Well, (and who knew Jack understood what Pat was saying?) Jack walked right up to him, slammed the wagon handle to the ground and said, "Gene, ten bucks!" This gave The Pumpkin Man a good chuckle as he told us, "I have now heard everything!"

I was not able to take as many pictures as I was hoping. O-Man's new pastime is throwing things to the ground while yelling, "Dump!" You know, to hear the sound it makes as it breaks to pieces! 
So not fun for his Momma!

There was more of this, 
"Owen, careful"
"Owen, watch out"
"Owen, safe"
"Owen, no not in your mouth...icky poo-poo"

than taking pictures. *sigh*

Just a couple of us...

and a dead mole.

The dead mole was very fascinating for the boys to look at.
We had to pry them away to continue on with our mission. gross, but kinda cute at the same time.

this post wouldn't be complete without a flashback picture of my babies.

October 2010

October 2009

Hope you all have found your perfect pumpkins!

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