Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Every first Saturday of the month in our Township is  'Dumpster Day'. You can bring almost anything and they will haul it away and dispose of it for free! So, this past weekend we brought them a bunch of our junk and I came home with this:

You can see the beauty behind all the dirty, right? The men were using her for a resting spot as someone else had brought this chair to dump. I simply inquired about the chair or maybe strongly hinted that I wanted it?! Anyway, they were like "take it, it's yours"! It's dirty, smelly, and broken in a few places, but it has such great potential and it was FREE! Can't wait to start working on it!

2. I think someone (hint-hint...Patrick) should make me these on Sunday. My mouth is watering just looking at them!

3.  I have been finding these all over my house!
I am thinking two little people keep bringing them in!?!

4. One of my favorite creative blogs is Lemon Tree Creations. When I saw this awesome Frame Tray posted recently, I knew I had to make one of my very own.

And here it is!

I might be crazy having this on display with a Mr. O-Man "The Destructo" walking around my house, but I just love it so! It has been sitting out for three days and it is still intact, so we'll see!!
Total cost: About $6.00
Frame: $3.99 from Goodwill
Handles: $1.99 for 50% off at Hobby Lobby
Paint/Fabric: I already had!
= I love it!

I am currently working on the vintage clock face. I can't wait...I have just the place for it!

5. Speaking of creative! Check out my friend Michelle's recent Craig's List find...what a makeover! I'm so inspired!

6.  I wonder if my neighbors think I am a Minnesota Vikings fan due to the color palate I have chosen for my front porch!?! They probably think nothing of it...but, when I look at this, I just keep thinking MN Vikings. Oh well, I still like it! (even though I am not a Vikings fan, Denny!)

(that wreath is looking wragged..note to self, must fix)

7.  We have a case of the "dribbles" currently affecting one little man in this family. I'm not going to name any names, I wouldn't want to embarrass him. But, I need help!
What is the "dribbles"? Well, it is not a full-blown accident, it's a smaller version of one! The "dribbles" occurs because my "outside-lovin'" little boy simply cannot tear himself away from whatever he is doing to attend to his potty business. This started about 2 weeks ago and probably has happened at least once or twice (if not more) everyday! I have been encouraging, continued to use positive reinforcement and have not gotten mad at him once for this, but it's starting to get old! Help..I don't know what to do!?!?!

8. Owen has been getting two new teeth for the past couple of weeks! Yes, that's right, it has been a couple of weeks and these darn teeth have still not broken through! Ouch...poor little guy! At night I can hear him periodically crying and moaning in his sleep, which then makes him a cranky little bugger during the day! Teeth, please break through Owen's gums...please!

He's telling her all about his new pet. 
"Be gentle with him...he's mine"..."He likes to crawl up your arm..he's mine"..."Isn't he furry..he's mine"..."Okay, I should hold him now...he's mine".

Charlie, the caterpillar. 

10.   The past two days have been the start of rough week (and it's only Tuesday). Jack has been extra feisty and has not been using his ears to listen to his Momma! Today, after telling him numerous times and I mean numerous to stop touching all the little trinkets in World Market, he got upset and a little teary-eyed. He then told me for the very first time, "Momma, I don't love you anymore". I couldn't believe my ears...he is way too young to be saying this and how does he even know to be saying this?!?!
But, I know he doesn't mean it!!


Jane said...

Love the Chair. Love the Tray. Wish I had more time for fun projects like that!

We have the dribbles problem too. Mostly just try to have Maria try to use the potty before going outside...

And Yes, the purple & yellow automatically make me think of Vikings... but maybe wouldn't so much if I wasn't a Packer fan...

Michelle said...

Good Stuff!! Can you let Jack pee outside? Maybe you have a tree he can use to go behind? That way he wont have to stop playing and go inside?? Just a thought--Chase has his own private "rest room" behind a pine tree in our yard. I dont know if that is a good habit to start or not? If so, it's too late for us!
Love the last pic!!! Soo cute!

Nicole said...

Thanks you two! Jack drinks water CONSTANTLY..which then makes him need to pee constantly! I always make sure he goes before we leave the house and I basically let him pee anywhere and everywhere! In a parking lot, in the drain in our garage, behind his playset...I mean everywhere! I know..I am probably creating a really bad habit! Oh well, I will keep trying!

Anne Wallisch said...

Love this entry.............I miss all of you so much, I can't stand it. The frame and the chair are fabulous. What a find that chair is.