Wednesday, May 19, 2010


1. These make me SMILE!

2. I have been thinking about and shopping around for a long necklace with my kiddos names on it for over a year. I have looked a lot on etsy and here and here. I finally decided on THIS ONE and I am super excited about it!

3. I just discovered THIS blog through THIS blog. It's awesome...she shows how to put fun, fresh and colorful outfits and accessories together at very-budget friendly prices! Love it!

4. Pat took a staycation the past two days. I am thinking he enjoyed himself!

5. This makes me SMILE too!

Well, of course this too!

6.  Last year:
Silly, Baby Face
This Year:
Serious, "Not So Baby" Face

Last Year:

Owen watched his brother have all the fun.

This Year:

Owen gets to join all the fun!

6. I recently read somewhere about how important it is for a mother to be in more pictures with her children so they have captured memories of her. Although I already knew this, it just reaffirmed for me that I need to make a better effort at it. I need to make the time to take more pictures with my boys and stop being overly critical of the way I look because it's about them and they surely don't care.

That's it...just a few ramblings!!

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Anne Wallisch said...

I just love these rammblings! Keep it up Momma.