Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Adelyn: 7 and 8 months

Well yes, Addy has turned 7 months old and then 8 months old over the past two months. I always take the pictures relatively close to the actual day, but I have been a bit behind on the blogging part.  Now if I were really at the top of my game, I also would have written down all of her little monthly milestones somewhere...anywhere. But, I am so not at the top of my game, so sadly (sorry Addy) I have not. A few big things have happened for her though....

-Four teeth
-Full-fledged crawler
-Standing up in crib 
-Standing up to the furniture, toys, brothers, Mommy, Daddy, dogs, etc.
-Eating more and more whole foods (carrots, green beans, black beans, corn, avocado, name a few) 
-Babbling and babbling and babbling
-Repeating a few phrases, such as, "uh-oh" and "all-done".
-Giggling more and more at Jack and Owen
-Waking up once per night to eat

7 months old!

8 months old!
Addy is on the move and she is fast. For these pictures, I would sit her down and as I was backing up to take her picture, she would immediately go into the crawl position and bolt straight to me.

Like this..

and then look up to give me a big smile and grab the camera.

 Poor babe, lately her nose is constantly running and her mouth is constantly drooling. And here, the night prior, she scraped her face with one of her fingernails. Life of a babe ;)

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