Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Closet Purge

A lazy girl's iPhone pics.

1. Owen had a closet and dresser bursting with clothes (the culprit: older brother's hand-me-downs) And I desperately needed to do something about it.

2. Day 1 of The Great Purge 2013 had Owen's closet and dresser at the top of the list. This before picture was actually taken after about 15 minutes of work, so it was worse..much worse. 

3. All of the clothes and jammies that need to go. I might give consignment a try. Have you ever done this? Any tips?

4. Mission Complete. His closet is actually an L shape, so around the corner is another rack plus we hung a few cute hooks (at Owen's height) for Owen's bathrobe and all of his costumes. On the top shelf, I put a couple of baskets and filled them with his shorts and summer jammies. It still looks like we have a t-shirt hoarding problem (hmm? maybe).

Ahhhh, feels good!


Anonymous said...

I like to consign when I have a lot. If it's just a few items I will just write it off with a donation.

For adult clothes or household stuff, I've done Turnstyle Consignment. I've done this for several years. Sometimes I'm surprised that they don't take my stuff when I look at what they're selling - I very rarely buy anything from them.

For kids stuff, I have done Once Upon a Child - again, I'm surprised when they don't take stuff after seeing the condition of some of the stuff they sell.

Where I have had the most success is the Just Between Friends Sales. You get to price everything, so you know what to expect to receive from it. If you go this route, I would highly recommend a tagging gun (instead of safety pins) I usually make over $200/sale for a couple hours of work to get things tagged and on hangers. I can tell you my "system" if you ever do it.

Feels good to purge, doesn't it?

Nicole said...

Hi Jane!

Thanks SOOO much for your tips on Consignment! I will definitely be looking into these, so you will probably hear from me with questions! I have spent so much money on clothes over the past 6 years that I don't want to just give them all away. I hope it works :)

Thanks again!