Monday, September 3, 2012

The night before...

Twas the night before Kindergarten
and as they prepared,
kids were excited,
and a little bit scared.
 (taken from this book)

 Jack is totally prepared and excited for his big first day of Kindergarten. He tells me that he is not the least bit scared or nervous. We packed up his backpack with some last minute items, we layed out a new outfit complete with basketball shorts (with a scrunchie top-his fav) and we snuggled in bed, talking about what the first day with be like. I kissed Jack goodnight and told him even though I will miss him terribly, I will be okay because he is beyond ready for Kindergarten and he is going to have a blast. Me on the other might take me a few days to adjust and get the emotional lump in my throat to disapear. Ugh..where did these last 5 years go?

 Well, I am now off to make his lunch complete with one of these.

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