Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Owen and Preschool.

Owen was so excited to finally be starting preschool today.

Super duper excited! Can you tell?

It's hard to believe that Owen is officially a preschooler. I remember when Jack started preschool two years ago, Owen would cry because he so badly wanted to go with him. Then over time, Owen began to really enjoy the one-on-one time he got to spend with his Momma. For two years, he was my little errand, shopping, breakfast, Starbucks, playing, park buddy. During our times alone, Owen would always say, "what's next Mommy...what store now Mommy?" I'm going to miss that and I think he will too. He made mention of this today as he told me he wished we could just be alone without his baby sister. This came as a surprise because he is very much in love with her. We will still have our buddy time though, but now Addy will be our buddy too.

Anyway, back to being a preschooler...

Today was his official first day of school as yesterday parents went along. This morning, he had one small moment of grumbles that he didn't want to go and he wanted to stay home with me. However, after I talked about how much fun he was going to have, he quickly got over those grumbles. Owen happily went in without any tears and then when I picked up him after, he told me, "Mommy, I had the best time...I love my preschool". Awesomesauce.

Not so awesomesauce...this huge bruise/welt/goose egg that Owen got on his forehead (it looks way worse in person and as it's healing, it gets uglier and uglier).
Last night, when he was supposed to be sleeping in his bed, Owen was actually jumping on his bed. He was just getting back into bed after changing his jammie shirt for the third time. Owen was pretending to be Superman and he flew/dove head first into his pillows. However, he missed his pillows and dove straight into his wood headboard. He was so hysterically crying that he threw up on Pat and he could barely speak to tell us what happened. Head injuries usually make me us freak out, but we remained relatively calm. Pat bear hugged Owen, icing is forehead for a long time. He also slept with him, just in case. He's completely fine today, thank goodness. It could have been a lot worse. 

Owen was back to jumping on the bed tonight...sheesh!

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