Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Photo Challenge-Dunzo!

Day 26: Something Old

My grandma's rocking chair. There is a picture somewhere of her in this chair when she was just a baby.

Day 27: After Dark

Skip-a-roo...I'm no good at after dark.

Day 28: Daily Routine
Our morning routine begins with the boys waking up, coming into our room to wake us me up and then requesting cereal bars and orange juice. They watch two morning cartoons while they eat their requested breakfast snacks. We recently cleaned up our basement by clearing out several boxes. For a good week straight, the boys watched their toones in these boxes. A cardboard box is endless fun for little kiddos, especially boys!

Day 29: Purchased

I have been purchasing pumpkins lately...big pumpkins, little pumpkins, pureed pumpkins and pumpkin lattes!

Day 30: In Motion (sorta)
The boys and I walked down this leaf filled path to the fishing pier at Lake Elmo Park Reserve on Monday. We were soaking up the beautiful weather! So this is my in motion...walking! It's a stretch, but all my other ideas did not work out as I had hoped. For example, I tried this, but it came out blurry while making me unbelievably dizzy. 

Photo Challenge...Dunzo!!

I'm glad I took this challenge on, but I'm happy that it's over! I can now move on to telling you about all the projects I want to start, start and then never finish. I can also move on to telling you about how just two days after Jackers stuck a bean up his nose, he then came down from his nap and told Pat that he swallowed a penny and how we have been, hmmm, checking for it daily! 

Oh the fun....stay tuned!!

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Anne Wallisch said...

I think I have the copy of your Grandma in the little rocking chair with her little flower bracelet on. It was so precious............hope I can find it.
Love GiGi