Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 25 and Jack Questions

Day 25: Sunflare
There is sunflare in this picture somewhere....right? I scanned through my summer pictures and came across this one of Jack who was running away (while egging on) from Pat who was spraying him with the hose. I am determined to finish up this photo challenge this weekend considering it is October 1st today.

Now onto some recent Jack questions.....

1. Jack and I were talking about how school works as in what each year of school is called (1st, 2nd, 3rd and so forth) and what the actual schools are called (grade school, middle school and so forth), I ended the conversation with what going college means. I told Jack he will go to college to learn what he wants to be when he gets big like his daddy. I told him that I want to be a nurse so I went to college to learn all about how to become one.

Jack: But Mommy, where do I go to learn to fly?

Me: What to you mean bud? Where do you learn to fly a plane?

Jack: No Mommy, where do I learn to fly in the sky like Batman? I want to be a superhero when I get big.

Me: Ohhh! (savoring this precious moment and most definitely not wanting to crush his dreams) I'm sure there is a college for learning how to fly like a superhero.

Jack: Oh good, because that is what I want to be...Batman!

2. The other day when I picked Jack up from school he informed me that he was playing tigers with some of his friends (girls and boys) at school.

Jack: Mommy, how do animals get married?

Me: Actually, animals don't really get married just humans do like mommy and daddy.

Jack: Well then how to animals have babies together?

Me thinking in my head: I have no clue how to answer this right now and I changed the subject!

and one more thing...

I also got a phone call from his teacher on Friday while he was at school. She informed me that Jack had told her he stuck a bean up his nose and it felt funny when he breathed. She said he seemed fine and she couldn't see anything in his nose. This came literally just days after I had a talk with him about why we don't stick anything up our nose or in our ears. I guess he was just too curious about the whole experience. As I was just about to go get him to check out the situation, his teacher called back to tell me that the bean came out and he was fine. We are all not sure what really happened, but I am pretty certain that bean was up there in his nose. Thank goodness it came out on its own!
Let's just say, we had another little chat on the ride home.

Jack love-loves to draw. On our recent vacation, I spotted these sketchbooks at the airport bookstore and I thought this could be just the thing (among a few others, movies, food, looking out the plane window) to keep him busy on our 3 hour plane ride. You know what, I was right (which I am most usually not in these instances), he loved this sketchbook. It kept him occupied for quite a bit of time which gave us a little bit of sanity in keeping his 2 year-old brother entertained. Two year-olds and confined spaces....hmmm, not so much!

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Anne Wallisch said...

The imagination of a child reminds us that the "angels are among us"!
Love that little guy!