Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Thursday List.

1.  In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I had big plans to make a Mexican Fiesta for dinner complete with these, but a U-Haul showed up on the driveway and there was packing to be done. Instead we took the boys out to dinner because I didn't have time to make dinner  to celebrate tomorrow's move into our new house. We said "Cheers" as we all clinked our glasses together, the boys with Root Beer and Coronas (my fav!) for us. Speaking of Corona, sure wish I would have thought of these.

2. This bub tells me everyday, he most definitely "does not need a nap". Well, today his Momma needed one and 30 seconds into snuggling we were both fast asleep with Max under the blankets between us. I guess Jack does need a nap every now and then!

I love that he is hugging his Captain America costume while he sleeps.

3. Me: Jack, what do you want to be when you get big like your daddy?
    Jack: Mommy, I want to be a Superhero. But first I need to go to flying school so I can learn how to    fly because Mommy, I don't know how to fly yet. 

   Me: That sounds fantastic Lovey!

4. Jack got the Stuart Little movies from the Easter Bunny. Owen calls him "Tuart Littewl". They are a big hit with the boys, however, when we watched the first one Jack cried when Stuart's fake parents came to take him away (think...the movie Annie). He had big alligator tears and his lip started quivering as he asked me, "But Mommy, why did they take Stuart away from his Mommy and Daddy?". Good pick Nicole!
The boys with their Daddy watching "Tuart Littewl".
4. Owen was hit with the "way too long of a winter, cooped up in the house too long with not enough fresh air and sun" Crud this week. He seemed out of sorts towards the end of the weekend and then BAM!, he got a fever on Monday that brought him down hard! He is better today, but still kinda fussy...okay really fussy. My trusty coping skills known as deep-breathing and number counting were not even working today. Please refer to number 2 on how I made it through this day semi-sane.

5. The sun and physical activity also helped immensely. Thank you Mother Nature!

6. Oh and looking at the Mother's Day goodies the boys made for me at daycare helped too!
So sweet!

7.  Jack: Owen, should I read you a book?
    Owen: Yeah!
    Jack: Okay Owen, I know my numbers, but I don't know how to read words yet, so we will just look at the pictures together, okay?
   Owen: Yeah!

I LOVE listening to them talk and play together!

8. I want one of these and one of these. I want to make these and these. I must make these and eat them all!

9. While perusing over here, I saw this rug and I have been in love ever since! Better start saving. Oh and have you seen her kitchen refab...amazing!

10. Super cute free printables found here and here and here.

11. My Aunt and Uncle rescued a puppy recently. They put together this beautiful video about their life with Lucky, which may have induced tears to well up in my eyes. If you or anyone you know ever has the thought or the chance to rescue an animal, please watch this video as it may just convince you to do so! It will not only change your life for the better, but the animal will be forever grateful!

12. Happy Friday! Our Next Chapter begins today!

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