Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Evening Random

1. One day last week, I looked in my fridge to contemplate what I could make for dinner. I was hoping to try a new recipe (exactly what, I had no idea) and I was hoping to make something springy (as the snow was falling down for the third time that day...really?!?). I found a pound of chicken breasts and....

four containers of organic lettuce. All expired and gross.
What the....?

Anyway, that same day I saw a new recipe pop up over at Pioneer Woman. It was for Grilled Chicken with Feta, Fresh Corn and Blueberries, which fit both my original criteria for that nights dinner. I scanned the fridge and despite the above gross lettuce, I had everything I needed to whip it together. This salad is deeelish! The flavors of feta and corn and blueberries all mixed together is pretty close to perfection in my book. 

2. My adventurous Mother took the boys and I to a place we had never been, Minnehaha Falls. This park is an absolute gem in between the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. We will definitely be making many more visits there as we all were in awe! We had such a blast exploring nature while listening to and playing in the water. Thanks Mom!

3. After seeing an Eagle (eating away at a dead deer carcass..of all things) on almost every drive to Jack's school (two times/week) and then watching the Live Eagle Cam (very cool!) with the boys, they became very interested in these majestic birds. So again, my adventurous Mother took us to the see this famous (locally) Eagle's Nest near where she lives. We got there at the perfect time as the Momma Eagle was perched on a tree limb scanning her surroundings. We watched her for about 10 minutes and then as we were leaving she swooped over the water and flew back into her ginormous nest. I'm not sure the boys could even grasp how amazing it is to see what were looking at. We are all about making memories over here and it must have been a good one because the boys have talked about that Eagle several times since!

phone pic

4. Speaking of creating memories, we made another doozie while at the park a few days ago. We were on a nature walk through the nature preserve that lays adjacent to the park. The boys and I walked up to the water to gaze at the hundreds of worms that had collected in the creek. About ten feet away were two geese sunning themselves in the water. Upon seeing the geese, Jack asked, "But Momma, what will those gooses do if we are by them?", which I ignorantly replied back,"Oh Jack, no need to worry, those geese won't do anything...we are not even that close to them." So wrong I was.

We stepped one inch closer to look at those beautiful worms (boys LOVE worms) and the next thing I know, here comes one of those geese running straight towards us with his wings out, mouth open and hissing. I screamed so loud, grabbed the boys and ran as fast as I could while pushing them to run faster. They instantly started screaming and crying. My poor little bubs were so scared (hearing mommy scream and seeing mommy scared took the situation to a whole other level)! Anyway, the goose lost interest, but I didn't really look back too long until we made it far (far, far) away from that area. The boys were hysterical and begging to leave, but I didn't want them to scared of this park (we go there often). We sat for awhile hugging and talking through what had just happened and once we got back to the slides and swings they were semi-over it. 

I actually was laughing to myself as I then pushed Owen on the swing, thinking that I must have totally over-reacted about that goose. But, from what hear I most definitely did not (thank goodness) as geese can me vicious. Since then the boys affectionately call that park, The Goose Park. Making memories people!

5. That same day, Jack did perfect the skill of crossing the monkey bars though!

6. And Owen remembered his love of swinging!

7. Only 4 more days until these will be our new numbers!

8. Dear Weather,

    You are just one big Debbie Downer.


9. I may have gotten a slight fever last night, induced by snuggling my good friend Kim's sweet, little munchkin!
Look at her face! How could I not?

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Anne Wallisch said...

What an adventure the last few months have been with my little grand boys!
The Eagles Nest is truly a wonder to behold.....getting bigger each year!

Jack and Owen's love of nature is amazing - can't wait to see them investigate that backyard of theirs!