Sunday, May 22, 2011

Because I need to start somewhere.....

I'll just start rambling things.

1. We have lived in our house for two weeks. I finally just started unpacking my clothes and organizing my closet and dresser last night. They have been giving me the ugly stare for the past 14 days and I have been trying my best to ignore them. I'm not sure what's harder work, the ignoring or the unpacking? Well, I made some major progress last night and it feels good.

2. My two little boys are in this stage of finding pure joy in saying the human anatomy words that start with B and P. They egg each other on to stay these words and then they erupt into giggles about hearing them. How long does this last? Forever?

3. Speaking of my two little boys, I love them Oh So Dearly, so I won't name any names in our little window screen incident that happened literally 30 seconds upon moving into our house. It's never boring around here people.


3. I really want to make a "Summer To Do List" just like this one. Summers get busy, they always do! I want a referral point (filled with all of our wants) when we are searching for something to do because I don't want to get to August saying to myself, "But, we haven't done this yet!?"

4. Moving into our new house has been amazing and I am loving it, but that doesn't mean the process is without stress. Pat has had two travel for work the past two weeks, Jack and Owen both got sick with The Crud, I have boxes coming out of my waa-who, and a really (really, really) muddy yard to deal with. Last Saturday, I took off to spend a few blissful hours all by myself. I went to see Something Borrowed (great movie) and had a facial at a local spa (amazing). Pure bliss.

5. Jack got The Crud over Mother's Day weekend. Pat had previously made reservations for our family to have breakfast at The St. Paul Hotel for Mother's Day morning, but with Jack getting sick, it looked like it would not work out. But, the great husband that Pat is, he encouraged my mom and I to go to breakfast alone. I am still thinking about that delicious breakfast we ate complete with Mimosa and this huge caramel roll. Delicious food, zero interruptions and my mom made for a great Mother's Day celebration!

6. So far, I have unpacked five junk drawers from my last house. Really Nicole, what were you thinking? You needed five? 

7. Our family was in charge of baby duck and chick care at Jack's preschool last night. Oh my, what a cute experience it was! Jack had no fear as he wrangled the babies all up and put them in their kennel for their nighttime feeding and sleeping.

Can I have this cutie, please?!

 O-Bubs was only kinda into the babies. 
He kept saying, "Momma, I neuuvous, I scaauued."

8. In case you were wondering, my little chocolate Dachshund can be found sunning himself on our deck at all times.

9. Owen looks up to his big brother so much. He wants to play what Jack plays, he tries to emulate him constantly and he loves (love-loves) to make Jack laugh. I caught this moment with my camera and it makes me smile.
Jack was crossing his arms while watching the train go by, so Owen followed suit. 

When Jack caught a glimpse of this, it made him giggle.

10. Are you on Pinterest yet? Trust me, you will love it! I can send you an invite if you want to join in on the fuuuuunnnn!!!

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