Sunday, January 31, 2010

Three Boys and a Girl

Three boys and a girl, all of whom are cousins, spent the weekend together. They truly could not have been happier! There was lots of laughing, chasing, hugging, eating (Jack's first taste of Skittles), playing and playing and playing and maybe a few belly-button bumps!

Ty and Jack 
They giggle with GLEE when they are together. 
Ty calls Jack, "My Jacky"!

Owen on the go! 
He is in that "you constantly have to watch him" stage.
Owen is always smiling and giggling, but with his cousins he ramped it up a bit!

Awww...and my Kewpie Doll niece, Frankie!

I love her so! 
She gave her auntie lots of smiles and snuggles!
Frankie is sure able to hang with the boys.
They all seem to be extra gentle with her?!
But, we think she will be able to hold her own in the future.......
.....she'll have to with these three crazy (I mean, angelic) boys! 

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Anne Wallisch said...

I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!