Sunday, January 17, 2010

Owen's New Love (updated)

Owen has discovered bouncy balls. He loves them. Big ones, small ones, green ones, glittery ones...really any color or size will do. Some of his other favorite playthings are the remote, his Momma's cell phone, ripping magazines/newspapers, anything that is under his Momma's bathroom cabinet (lotion bottles, tampons, brushes, toothpaste, etc.), and our squeaky dog toys. I sure do love his new fascination with bouncy balls.

*I almost forgot! Owen had his 1 year-old pediatrician appointment this past week! He weighs 24 lbs - 14 oz (75%) and he is 32.5 inches long (95%). His stats have been and are continuing to be the opposite of his big brothers. Pat thinks Jack will be the linebacker and Owen will be the quarterback. We will see! However, he did great at his appointment...he had a couple shots and showed the doctor all his new tricks! 

*I write this here because even though I hate to admit this, I am very much like my mother in the baby book keeping. 

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Anne Wallisch said...

My little Owen, one year old already! Just seems like yesterday that I was with all of you (shoveling snow every day with Jack and his blue shovel) - just to get him out of the house so Mommy and Owen could catch a nap.