Monday, January 4, 2010

Nap vs. No Nap

What to do???

Sunday: Jack makes it all day with NO nap. After a bath and reading books, he is asleep by 7:15 pm. He doesn't get out of bed to ask for 'diversions' the whole night, waking up about 7:30 am. A mommy's bliss!

Monday: Jack takes a nap. And to be honest, he probably could have gone without a nap, but I may have needed one today. Owen is getting another tooth, which has been disrupting his sleep. Tonight, he takes a bath and reads books with his dad, which ends about 7:30 pm. It is now 9:00 pm (he is awake) and he has used several 'diversion' tactics, such as water, a hang nail, potty (twice!), a noise, and a false alarm poop! Patience tested for sure!

Good thing he is such a cutie and 
has been extra-extra nice to his little brother lately!

Verdict: Jack is probably ready to give up naps. I, however, am not!

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