Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Fall Mantel

 Just last week, I finally spruced up my mantel for Fall. I used this mantel as my inspiration and I followed this tutorial to make my peacock and gold wreath. As for everything else, either I had it laying around or it was purchased at Pier 1 or Home Goods. As you can see, I'm really digg'n gold lately. I love it! I am now trying to find ways to use it all over my house, my wardrobe and maybe even Addy's wardrobe. Anyway, the "Happy Fall" banner, I found at Target in the scrapbooking/crafting aisle. It is actually a Happy Halloween kit that I changed up after I spotted that was just what a blogger had done here. So brilliant! 

The combination of Gold, Silver, Green, Black and White = "Ohhh....Ahhhh!"

We also did a little weekend project called Planking the Mantel. I love it so! We desperately needed to do something to break up the builder beige. It's everywhere!! And I think it was a good first step...now, what else can we plank?

Happy Fall!

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