Wednesday, October 16, 2013

5 Things

1. We had a nasty strain of Strep Throat take down each one of our kiddos this past week. First it was Owen then 48 hours later it was Jack then 5 hours later it was Adelyn. Each of them just wanted to snuggle and sleep for two days which I was totally fine with. Although it is not fun to have sick munchkins, it is nice to slow down life for a bit and fill our days with movies, Play-doh and books...minus the episode of "clean up in the main aisle near the men's department" at Target. I could have done without that..ewe.

2.  I have this cooking in the crock pot for dinner. So very fall of me..smells delish!

3. And these....I need to make stat!

4. Jack informed me last night the he will be calling me "Mom" from now on because that is what big kids say, only little kids and babies say, "Mommy". I may have shed a small tear upon hearing that.

For documentation purposes, he lost his first tooth at the beginning of September. His second tooth will be lost shortly! He tells everyone and I mean everyone (grocery store clerk, waitress, random person on a walk by our house, etc) about his missing tooth. It's a big deal, ya'll!

5. Seeing that it is just about Christmas as Target and Kohls and Michaels and everywhere, I thought I would let you know that these are the two best (aka most played with) presents Santa has ever brought our kids...

Yep, still going strong now for almost 12 months! Seriously..they are played with almost


Carolyn said...

Don't worry Nikki. They start to call you Mommy again when they are about 21. Robbie and Joey both call me Momma all the time!

Jane said...

Those recipes look awesome! as does your mantle! Still waiting for teeth to fall out here. Treasuring her last school photo with little teeth! Glad everyone is better! And thanks for the Christmas Idea! we got magna-tiles last year for Charlie! The build-a-road idea is great for this year! Not even November, but I'm excited!!