Saturday, September 14, 2013

I call this a "Look Back".

I thought I would take a look back at the first and last days of school pictures. I cannot believe how fast these years have gone by! As I pulled up all these photos, all I could think about was the quote, "The days are long, but the years are short." 

Being a stay-at-home mom, there are days that sometimes do seem long and hard and frustrating, but then there are those other days that are rewarding and bring pure joy and happiness. As my kids get older, I feel as though we have more good days than the hard ones. I had a really hard time with Jack starting first grade this year. I was so sad and emotional about the whole thing while he was beyond excited and happy about it. He's getting so big and he's yearning for a little more freedom and independence. While this momma bird needs to let him go out and fly his wings, I still want to wrap my wings around him and keep him small a little longer. 

And is he in his last year of preschool? How? I can't even imagine him being in Kindergarten next year. I will be a mess about that for sure. He loves preschool and wants to go everyday. He is making new friends and having new experiences that are special just for him. He so needed his own space to just be Owen and not Jack's little brother. 

Now for Adelyn..wasn't she just my newborn baby? She is working her way to full-blown toddler status. She is talking like crazy and wanting to try/eat everything she sees us her brothers doing/eating. Slow down girlie ;)

 Before I start the full-on ugly cry, I will end it with this...

Savor the little moments for they are what life is really about. 
I think this video explains that well!

Jack 1st Year of Preschool

Jack's Last Day of Preschool

Jack's First Day of Pre-K.

Jack's Last and Final Day of Pre-K. 

Jack's First Day of Kindergarten and Owen's First Day of Preschool.

 Jack's First Day of 1st Grade and Owen's First Day of Pre-K.

And one more....
Adelyn at 17 months old!


Anne Wallisch said...

My life is flashing before my eyes - how sweet!

Jennifer Slegelis said...

Cute Pictures! I just saw Tauli yesterday and her and Addy look so much like cousins! adorable :)