Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Random Tuesday

1.  I totally jinxed myself. Right after I wrote about how Addy was a pretty good sleeper, she got herself a cold over the weekend that completely disrupted her sleep (and ours) for two entire nights. Poor babes and their obligate nasal breathing. After two nights of basically no sleep for Addy, Pat and I due to the fact that Addy couldn't breath which made sleeping impossible for her which then made sleeping impossible for us, I remembered I had bought this little treasure awhile back. Oh.my.goodness. The Nosefrida aka Snot Sucker is ahhmaaazing! The concept sounds kinda gross, but it's totally not and it works like a charm to get out all that gooey, icky snot hanging out in Addy's nose making it difficult for her to breath. It works better than anything I have ever tried on my babies and I know it it is going to be a life saver this winter. It already helped get us some good sleep last night!

2. This made me want to laugh and tear up with emotion all at the same time.

3. I want to make these cherry pie bars because cherries are my absolute favorite fruit in a dessert and then I want to make this recipe for the perfect apple crisp because it's fall and that's what you do. Oh and I must try this. Just as the pin says (not my words, but I totally agree), my mind is blowing up at the thought (except I would use chocolate not Nutella...I don't get the hype). How do I not think of this stuff??

4. We "Booed" some friends. Shockingly, they couldn't have cared less about what goodies were in those buckets because they got quite a kick out of being sneaky little delivery ninjas.

5. I'm mentally preparing myself not for Halloween, but for the sugar high and the inevitable plunge that it takes the day after. I can do it...I can do it....

6. This show just keeps getting better and better and better. Who would have thunk that I would be saying that about zombies of all things...not this girl!

7. I whipped this up for dinner the other night. No really, it's probably the easiest recipe I have seen attached to the name Martha Stewart. Jack turned his nose up in the air as he asked, "umm, what is this?" And then after he gave it a try, he said, "oh mommy, this is actually good...really good". When this happens (and it often does in our house), Pat and I then chant real dorky, "he likes it, he really, really likes it!!".

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