Thursday, October 18, 2012

No School!

Jack had off of school today (and tomorrow). We threw our plans out the window and decided to be plan-less and lazy! And when I say lazy, I mean the boys stayed in their jammies the entire day and we didn't leave the house until 4:00 pm, which was only to go on a needed Target run. The boys loved it. They had a great day playing together, rediscovering toys that had been forgotten and using their imagination to create an animal center (a la Diego). Surprisingly, for a girl like me who gets antsy (very antsy) staying in my house past 10:00 am, I thoroughly enjoyed the day too! 

Sometimes it's good to slow down, put the brakes on life and soak up what is all around you.

We carved pumpkins (Jack carved his own...a first...I was freaking out inside...but he assured me he could do it safely...and he!), cut paper (my kids LOVE to use scissors), colored, made a really long choo-choo train, played in our basement, watched Madagascar 3 and a slew of other activities (all in their jammies).


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Anne Wallisch said...

Simple and creative!