Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Summer lovin' had me a blast.
Summer lovin' happened so fast.

I had a few minutes to reflect on our summer thus far and these lyrics flooded my brain. 

Can time just stand still pleeeaaassse (that was in my most nasely, child-like voice..a la my children in the Target toy aisle) so our summer fun can last a little longer?  Oh how I wish the answer could be yes. 

This is why I have been absent from my blog over the past couple of weeks. I have chosen to play a little longer outside or take another walk or go for a night swim or go eat ice cream with my kiddos instead of blog. I have also chosen to chat with Pat while swinging on our front porch swing with drink in hand or watch a new show together instead of blog. I try to blog after these things, but with Addy still waking up a couple times a night, I am exhausted. No matter how good of a multitasker I think I am, something always has to give (my house, this blog, my sanity). I have actually fallen asleep a few times recently while trying to write a blog. I have woken up a few hours later laying in bed with my computer on my lap and fingers on the keyboard. Sheesh! 
So for now, I am lovin' up on my munchkins, Pat and these beautiful summer days/nights.

Be back soon....

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Anne Wallisch said...

This is so sweet I can't stand it! Oh, how I remember wanting to last a little longer even as it would give out to school starting!