Monday, August 20, 2012

Adelyn: 3 Months

Well folks, Miss Adelyn is now 3 months old! Where has the summer gone? I recently asked my friend this and she responded with, "you have a baby".  Ahh yes, that is where my summer went. I have been playing with Addy (and feeding and feeding and feeding her) and her big brothers and watching them grow.

Adelyn 3 month-old stats:

-She coos and "talks" a lot
-She can roll from her belly to her side.
-She can grab objects to play with them.
-She literally catnaps Not fun.
-She is starting to laugh especially when raspberries are blown on her skin and air is blown through her hair. So Fun!
-She is not a huge fan of her car seat, but if her belly is filled to the brim with milk she tolerates it.
-She already gets a kick out of Jack and Owen who are quite often right up in her face loving on her.
-She is a better sleeper than her brothers ever were, however sometimes she only wakes once, but last night I lost count after six.
-She knows her name and our voices.
-She is growing lots of yummy chub rolls on her arms and legs. 
-She is incredibly loved by the four of us.

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Anne Wallisch said...

Such a little sweetie pie! Her little smile is so precious!