Monday, January 9, 2012

A Photo a Day

(this is my attempt at making a blog I just have to figure out the code to link it up!)

With the new year, I started a new blog called Myers365. It's just a small place for me to document our lives over the next year with a photo a day. You might be thinking (as I kinda am), this girl is crazy as she could barely complete the photo challenge from September without some grumbling. However, I see this differently and with no added pressure in having to take a specific picture. It will just be a picture of something random, yet meaningful to us. Although I want to keep getting better at photography and I will strive for that, it won't be my main goal. The pictures might be from my phone, Pat's phone, Instagram, blurry action pictures, or even pictures the boys may take.

I just want to really remember the small things that happen on a daily basis in our little family.  My little guys are growing up right before my eyes, I mean Owen turns three years-old on Wednesday and Jack starts Kindergarten in less than one year. This is just crazy to think about and fills me with bittersweet feelings for sure. As I have mentioned before, I am a self-professed slacker at the baby books and there is no way I will ever become a scrapbooker (not ripping on those who are, I just can't seem to find the time with all these half done DIY projects going on around my house). Blogging is what works best for me!

So, here goes to the next 365 days with a photo-a-day....

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