Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Random

Beasley follows me around this house 
Do you think dogs can really sense when you are pregnant?

I can't get a nice, natural smile out of this Bubs no matter what I do!

Well, kinda?!
He is in love with our dog Max. He was just whispering to him, "Shh, good doggie... I love you Max".

After about 10 months, we are almost done with our table and chairs redo! 10 months...seriously Nicole! We are about 90% done...Hallelujah! More about this adventure later on this week when we are 100% done...and we will be.

5. With every new year, I get the overwhelming urge to purge and organize around the house! And this year was no different! We are making great strides around this house to become supremely organized so we can live a more simple (and sane) life. This brings me to one of my new favorite blogs...IHeartOrganizing. Awesome stuff can be found there...most recently this!

6. Reason #682 that I love Pinterest. Today, a goal of mine is to make a rosette wreath for my front door. To find inspiration, I searched rosette wreath on Pinterest and found all of these. Oh and check out Valentine's Day here. Oh my about Pinspiration!

7. I also found this Carmelitas recipe on Pinterest....oh my gah! Make them now...I'm not kidding!

8. And speaking of rosettes! Oh how I love can find a great deal code for 50% off (today only) on rosette necklaces, headbands, brooches and hair clips at Soleil Solene and her store is here. I have purchased two necklaces from this shop and they are very well made and super cute!

9. I told Jack he didn't have to nap this afternoon. I set him with one of his preschool hidden picture books and a pencil and shut his door. When I went to check on him 15 minutes later, I found him sound asleep and snoring cuddled up on his bed. It's so great when he listens to his body telling him he's tired. 

10. Pat and I get bored with our salads rather quickly. This one looks delicious, maybe it will be our new one.

11. I know I use way too...too...too many exclamation points. I'm working on it.

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