Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pat's Grandpa.

 Just this past October, Pat's Grandpa was chosen to go on the Honor Flight to Washington D.C. to visit all of the memorials dedicated to honor his service and sacrifices in WWII service.

 At the same time my grandpa became sick, Pat's grandpa became sick as well. Pat's Grandpa Gordy has been in the hospital for the past three weeks and just recently has been put on Comfort Care at his own request. This is such a sad and emotional time for Pat's entire family. Grandpa Gordy is coherent and aware of those around him, however, because of a throat paralysis condition, he is unable to speak. We went to visit him in the hospital yesterday and although he was not able to talk with us, his face truly lit up when he saw the four of us walk into his room. He smiled and his eyes showed happiness upon hearing our various stories and with the boys small touches of love through holding his hand and building him Lego creations. We are so happy to have had this time with him yesterday.

 Owen is showing off his Great-Grandpa's Medal of Honor for serving in WWII that he received last week.

I found this guestbook entry Pat wrote on his Grandpa's CaringBridge. It is a very heartwarming note to him and so I placed it here as a reminder of this special day.

Good morning, Grandpa!

What a blessing for all of us-Me, Nicole, Jack and Owen-to spend some precious time with you yesterday. Every minute of this time will forever be cherished in our hearts-you holding Jack and Owen's hand, the boys building you lego castles or rocket ships, Owen rubbing lotion on your hands, telling you stories about our boys and watching you smile!

As we left your room yesterday, we ran into Grandma and Susie in the main lobby as they were coming to see you! Jack and Owen after giving Grandma and Susie hugs became immediately interested in the mechanics of grandma's wheelchair. We decided we would walk Grandma and Susie to the elevators so we could talk with them. Of course this prompted Jack and Owen to want to push grandma in her chair. Needless to say, as they jockeyed for position (in their competitive brotherly way) grandma's ride became quite the experience weaving back and forth across the hallway! Despite the roller-coaster ride, Grandma was quite the trooper! At the end, the boys were rewarded by grandma with cinnamon flavored gum-which of course reminded me of grandma's endless supply of Big Red gum when I was kid!

We love you grandpa! You are in our thoughts and prayers, everyday!

Pat, Nicole, Jack and Owen!

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Anne Wallisch said...

Grandpa Gordy will certainly remembered as a loving, kind, and honorable man! You are all lucky to have him in your lives!
I was blessed as well to have known him and have spent a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with him at your house in Iowa - fall 2007,