Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Claus Over The Past Few Years.

Never made it to see Santa.




I know I do this every year, but I can't help myself. I love the tradition of my boys seeing Santa and then reminiscing about each experience of the previous years. Gosh, they are just growing up right before my eyes! 

We went to see Santa today and while we waited for him to arrive, all the kids sang Christmas carols. My kids however, looked out the window the entire time, trying to be the first to spy Santa, his sleigh and reindeer. Upon his arrival, they were both a bit nervous, but then went up to Mr. and Mrs. Claus willingly. Jack told Santa he wants the Batcave and a drum set (check and check..phew!), while Owen told him he wants a squishy. He's still going strong with the squishy...Captain America squishy, Dinosaur squishy, Blue squishy, etc. I think a big box of squishies will definitely be under the tree on Christmas morning. Most importantly, they both have been great little boys this year.

On a side note, it's crazy to think that next year this picture will have a third bambino in it. 


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