Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No camera battery = Flashback

This is the second trip I have taken this summer that I completely forgot to pack my camera battery charger. Ugh! This brings two dilemmas to my life. One...my camera is just sitting there with a deadsville battery, but loaded with a bunch of pics I still need to download to my computer and Two...I haven't been able to take any pictures for the past three days, I think my hands are shaking! 

I need to figure this out asap! In the meantime, I bring you a flashback and stories!

September 2009

This was our first visit to the pumpkin patch last fall. It was super hot that afternoon, but we were practically the only ones there as it was the first day open for the season. Jack was still was not too sure about Owen, even though it had been about nine months. Owen with his short, blond hair was still being held in the carrier and not consistently sleeping well at night. Jack was in the midst of "the two's"...need I say more!

Flash forward ten months....

 July 2010

Here we are at Sleeping Bear Dunes and oh how things have changed! Jack now absolutely loves Owen and Owen now absolutely loves Jack. Owen thinks Jack is the greatest thing besides "Chee"(cheese) and he calls him, "Gaa", which Jack now responds to...very cute! Jack is making his way out  of "the threes" and I see a four-year old emerging more everyday.  (Don't get me wrong....the terrible, whiny, horrible threes come in waves, but much less often these days!) 

Jackers is becoming a better listener (I am constantly saying, "turn your listening ears up please"), he is kind, he is polite, he is helpful, he is 110% full of energy, he is a bookworm, and he is downright funny! 

This morning:
Me: Jack only 10 more minutes of Dragon Tails.
Jack: No mommy, 5 more minutes...please!
Me: Jack, 10 minutes is actually longer than 5 minutes. So, I think 1o minutes.
Jack: No Mommy..I said 5 minutes...I want 5 minutes.
Owen: Twuuuuuuu! (he only knows the number 2)

Owen is now a fabulous sleeper (knock!), he rarely wants to be held as he needs to be doing whatever Jack is doing, and his short, blond hair is now super curly, blond hair. He loves to sing as he is always asking, in his babble-talk, for his songs in the car. He loves to dance, he breaks out into a boogie when he hears any song. He's not too much into t.v., but loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ("Mkee"). And he is constantly asking for "Chee" (cheese) and "Jui" (something to drink, stems from juice, but it can be anything). He's a pretty mellow little boy, but is just at that age where he is an "accident waiting to happen". When Owen has a fall or a bump on the head and after the tears have gone away, he likes to act out what just happened to him (just to make sure we know!).

The other day...
Me: Jack, do you like being a big brother?
Jack: Yes.
Me: Why? Why do you like being a big brother?
Jack: Because I love Owen and I love playing outside with him.
Me: Ahh...that's so nice to hear Bubs! 
Jack: I love you too Mommy...as much as all the birds in all the trees on earth!


Jane said...

*melt*... such a nice post to read after getting up way too many times last night!

Nice reminder of the moments we enjoy. and not the moments that are hard!


Anne Wallisch said...

Jane, I concur......ahhhh such a blessing we have in this lifetime!