Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just cuz....

August is flying by right before my eyes. It's busy, actually too busy for my liking. We are doing some fun stuff like weddings, reunions and trips, but this all involves a lot (a lot!) of traveling, driving and not sleeping in my own bed. I knew it was going to happen...I was prepared for it....but the reality of it is exhausting and is making me a little blue.  

When it is all over, September will be here and summer will officially be over. What?!? There are so many things left on my "Summer To-Do" list  and in just a few short weeks Jackers starts preschool. What?!?

The boys and I are spending these last few weeks with GiGi. We will try to make the most of  being away from our "own home" and inevitably we will pack our schedule even more plum full with all of our favorite WI/MN activities. And before I know it, September 1st will be here and another summer will have come and gone.  Note to self: next summer keep every other weekend booked for family/stay at home time only.

Anyway, not sure if that made any sense, but it felt good to purge. Now onto some cuteness because I sure need to get to bed.

A few recent pics of the boys that make my heart melt to pieces.

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Anne Wallisch said...

Such innocence! Love those two and yes, home is where you need to be!