Sunday, December 13, 2009

Owen: 11 months old!

Owen is now 11 months old and he....

1. Has four teeth...two middle bottoms and two uppers incisors (fangs!)
2. Eats everything you give him..sometimes I thinks he eats more than his brother. 
3. Has a terrible bruise on his right eye that he got when he fell and hit the corner of our coffee table.

4. Crawls and climbs the stairs with turbo speed. He has taken 4 steps on his own, due to major prompting by me! Toy dangling seems to work!

 5. He loves to look out our windows at the snow, however, he is not sure if he actually likes playing in it quite yet. Still deciding?!?

 6. His hair is very curly in the back, curling up around his ears in the front.

7. He has learned to stick out his tongue. And he gives the best kisses when you ask, "Owen, kisses?"

8. His hate for car rides has increased every month of his short life. We barely make it out of our development before he starts whining. gets bad!

9. He is almost sleeping through the night, consistently. We know he is able to, but he is just a hungry boy and he loves to cuddle. And boy is he stubborn. So we are working on it!

10. He laughs and babbles constantly. Even Santa Claus was enamored by his happiness...he wanted to take Owen back to the North Pole with him!!

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Anne Wallisch said...

Such a precious bundle of joy!

I miss you all.........HHKK GiGi