Friday, December 4, 2009

1700 miles

The approximate number of miles we traveled last week for the Thanksgiving holiday.....Wow! That includes our trip from Michigan to Western Wisconsin and back as well as various trips throughout WI and MN to visit friends and family. The boys did pretty well, considering! I on the other hand...well, that's another story. Despite the drive, we had a wonderful time seeing everyone and doing some of our favorite activities. We miss it there so much! Oh, how we cannot wait to move back! When we got back to our house, Jack actually was asking to go back to Wisconsin! Thata boy...keep bugging your daddy about that!

Here are some things I want to remember:

We stayed at Gee Gee's.

 And we made gingerbread man pancakes...Jack loved it!

Look at that bruise! 
I don't think there is a week that goes by that one of my boys does not have a bruise somewhere on their head! 

Owen loved the pancakes too and with a matching forehead bruise!

Spent the day with Sara and got to snuggle Miss Stella!

I was so lucky to be able to visit (w/o my boys) my good friend Sara and meet her new baby girl, Stella! Forgot my camera...bummer! I so wanted to have a little photo shoot with her in her new tutu. Next time! However, it was still so great to catch up on life and have some girl time, all while snuggling her new little love bug. a pic! Thanks Sara!


Children's Museum with friends and Gee Gee.
I love this place! It is just so perfect for Jack. He can run around to all the different themed rooms...learn, explore, have fun and get out all his energy. Which he now says to me, "Momma, Jack has a lot of energy!" Yes Jack that's right, you do!

A good sign that a 3 year old is getting out all his cheeks and sweaty skin! Mission Accomplished.

The Habitot room was just the place for Owen! It is a great space for the crawler, cruiser, just about walker baby. GeeGee came with us to help and so Jack could tare around more freely. I then was able to spend time with Owen and....

 And our new friend Reece! What a cutie patootie!

I am good friend's with Reece's Mom, Kim. Although, it was super busy at the museum and our boys got hungry and tired pretty quickly, we still had a chance to catch up.

Considering we usually are playing a mean game of phone tag!

Here are a couple of stellar group shots:

Emmy came too! She loves the kiddos, she is so going to be a great mom someday!

Picture stats:  Girls look good. Boys, well....Jack of course not cooperating, Owen looking elsewhere, and Reece blinking and potentially flicking off the camera!

Second try:

Girls look good. Jack looks like he is getting choked by his Momma, Owen looking elsewhere and Reece looking at me b/c I am making some silly noise to get Owen to laugh!
We then got reprimanded by the security officer to "move it along" and I was sweating! Forget it...Too Funny!

I am not sure why Jack likes the creepy Ronald McDonald so much?


Jack and his GeeGee, he sure does love his GeeGee!

Jack falling asleep reading.....

Jack frequently does this at bedtime. He "reads" until he falls asleep. I wanted a picture for the memory. Shhh, I know he still has a Nuk...only for sleeping. He is almost 3 years old, which we tell him quite often is when he can't/shouldn't/won't want to have a Nuk anymore.
We are just afraid the above peacefully sleeping boy won't be so "peaceful" without it!

Thanksgiving 2009
Thanksgiving was spent with Pat's family at their cabin.

It was wonderful and very yummy!

The kid table. 
I think Jack loved sitting at the kid table, simply because he could be extra silly and his older cousins laughed extra hard at time. This kept the silliness going minus the eating.



More pics from the day......




We needed a little exercise after the big meal. Or as Pat likes to say, it's the tryptophan.

Work it Ellie! 

Jack snuggles more with his grandmas than anyone else! He loves his MiMi and is always saying, "Hold me MiMi".

One of my favorite Jack quotes from the weekend, was "Papa, Jack wants to catch a big, really orca!" You can sure try, bud! He had a blast fishing (no pics though) and/or casting out into the lake. A few days after we got back, he started singing this little diddy:

Fishy fishy in the brook, come and bite on Jackers hook!

What? Who taught you this I asked him...his dad...he used to sing this with his grandpa when he was a little boy.


Pat tending to the fire with his dad and Ray. He so turns into a pyro at the cabin!

Morning snuggling with Lauren! I think they have a slight "love-hate" relationship!
Mostly love, though!

And just like that another Thanksgiving was over! It sure does go by fast when you are not the one cooking and you have two kiddos to keep up with!

Now onto Christmas..............

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