Tuesday, August 18, 2009

South Haven, MI

Our current residence is Kalamazoo, Michigan. After moves to PA..IA..WI...we are currently Michiganites. We moved to this lovey state in December the middle of terrible snow storm..or as they like to call it here..."Lake Effect Snow".

So, after months of being cooped up while the snow poured down on us..the sun finally began to shine and the weather turned warm. We (Jack, especially) love to be outside exploring the world around us. This includes looking for bugs, worms, rocks, flowers, Bobcats, bulldozers, diggers, dump trucks, plus a plethora of many other various things.

One place we have become fond in our exploration of this state is South Haven, a very cute little beach town located on Lake Michigan which is only about a 40 minutes drive from our house! We have now gone there about 5 times and truly have had a blast each time.

There was an older boy digging this big hole on the beach. Jack walked around this hole several times peaking down into it until he just jumped in! You loved it and wouldn't get out!

Grandma GG wore Owen in the Baby Bjiorn for our walk on the beach! Here he is blowing some bubbles!

Jack watching the boats come into the marina and out to the Lake. He could have sat there all day, one boat was better than the next.

Some views of the lighthouses!


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