Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Adelyn: 9 months old

Addy turned 9 months old a few weeks ago. She is truly such a joy to have in our lives. She lights up with this huge, toothly smile and giggles when we (especially, Jack and Owen) talk to her.  She babbles and babbles and babbles. Her most consistent words right now are BaBa, Bay-Bee and Puup-ee. I've been working real hard on getting her to say, Mommy, but no such luck.

She has five teeth and the sixth one has been breaking through for about four weeks now (not fun!). Addy had her first little winter bug this month. She had a terribly high fever that made her miserable for three days (not fun either!). She discovered that she has a tongue and has been having fun learning all the tricks it can do.

Addy wants to be on the move constantly. She doesn't care much for her toys as she would much rather be crawling, standing up at a chair/leg/table/counter/brother/dad or climbing the stairs. Oi!  She loves to eat real people food, she wants the good stuff. Cheese, raspberries, blueberries, eggs, broccoli, and avocado are some of her favs. She is on her way to becoming a good sleeper, but she is still waking up at least once per night. She must be a hungry little gal because she downs an entire bottle at that waking.

I can't believe Adelyn is as old as how many months it took for her to grow in my belly. These past nine months have just flown by!

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Anne Wallisch said...

Such a little sweetie, love that tongue!