Friday, February 15, 2013


Owen slowly got sick with each passing day this week. I knew it was becoming something significant yesterday when he had a high fever, his voice sounded muffled and he refused to eat all day. Then this morning, he woke up feeling worse and actually got sick a few times. So, it was off to the doctor we went. I explained to him on the drive over that the doctor would need to look in his throat and maybe even take a quick swab. I told him that I knew he could handle it because he is four years old now (I'm always trying to work that in). And from the back seat with a slightly trembling voice, I heard him say...

"Mommy, I am going to be just like Stuffy from Doc McStuffins. He is the dragon and he is always trying to be real brave. So, I will be brave just like him".

And you know what, he was SO brave! Owen sat on my lap and as he quietly wiped away his tears, he told the nurse he was going to be brave like Stuffy and he left her swab his throat with zero drama. I could not have been more proud of him. 

Sure enough, he has Strep Throat and after a couple doses of his antibiotic, he is already starting to feel much better.

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Carolyn said...

Please make him stop getting so big! I LOVE that little guy.