Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Adelyn: 6 months old

Addy is 6 months old and I'm just getting this up in time for her to turn 7 months old. Right on time.

I can't believe Addy is 1/2 year old..crazy!

In the last couple of weeks, Addy has perfected sitting up. She loves to sit up on the floor and play with (suck on) her little toys. She is working on going from this position down onto her belly so she can roll around on the carpet or army crawl. If she sees something she really wants, she will army crawl over to it. Watch out boys, she's coming for your toys! Each month brings milestones and sitting up has to be a big one! She gets the independence of playing by herself or with her brothers and I get a few minutes to work on a project or start dinner. Fabulous. Addy also has started picking up little foods off her highchair tray, which is another major highlight because unless Addy is eating, she doesn't care to be in the highchair very long. She loves eating those little yogurt melts and crunchies.

Addy is weighing in at a solid 20 lbs, which has her at the 97 percentile for weight. Her height is around 26 inches, which only has her at the 35th percentile.  I'm sure this will all even out once she really starts movin' and a groovin' aka crawling. Until then, she will be my little butterball.

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Kristin said...

Beautiful pictures, Nicole! She is such a pretty girl! I personally love the rolls :)